Video Marketing

Internet Videos & YouTube Production

Video has quickly become a viable option for internet marketing programs. Web videos for YouTube are perfect due to their diverse usage. It provides added quality to your current web site. It can also be used as stand alone show pieces for sales, showcases, education, and pull advertising..

You can simply point potential customers and clients to your page and have them watch your showpiece. Also, you can bring a tablet along with you on sales calls and use the videos as part of the demonstration. They will add value to anything you sell.

Perhaps you need to showcase your before and after work. With YouTube you can set up before and after shots and send quick links to potential customers for them view at their discretion.

Our Web Videos are best suited for expanding your keyword reach on Google to broaden the amount of words you are found for. The videos themselves are dynamic in the sense that they play right from Google, YouTube, Your Site and Social Media outlets. Further more, each video can effectively target several keywords and break onto the first page of Google. In some cases quicker then building a new web page and optimizing for those same keywords.

We also have a spokes model on staff ready assist you in filming.