SEO Services in NJ (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of working your web sites on site, off site and settings to help you be better found on major search engines in the organic free results.

At Click It Masters we constantly educate ourselves on the latest trends that prove to be effective. As well as update ourselves and our clients on what old practices are no long viable and can now be detrimental to your web sites ability to be found Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Currently we offer several different package types to meet our clients various needs.  We are proud to offer one of the most aggressive SEO packages of only $350 a month to local businesses who offer services in the local area.  For businesses that don’t fit this category it does require an consultation to custom quote the package that would best fit your needs and goals.


We start the process by offering an initial consultation with no obligation.  This is learning process for us and the client.  Here we look to uncover your typical clients vs the products and services you most want to sell.  By discovering your geography and how much time you spend traveling we can then help to reduce your “Windshield Time” as well as picking up more business.  Simple processes can also help reduce your nuance calls and help clients get the info they want more readily.   After gathering all this information we use it to implement an action program to push your site up in the rankings in the areas that benefit you best. Call today to have quick discussion about getting started.

Here is an example of the placement difference between PPC and SEO: